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Vibrating Polyurethane Screen

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Vibrating Polyurethane Screen

GOMM Vibrating Polyurethane Screens are generally use in the mining equipment combined with the use of vibrating screen, sand and gravel production line in mines and quarries. Because it has long life, high efficiency, wide range of applications, screening high precision, low noise work and so on features, so played a very important role in the production process of the sand.

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 Vibrating Polyurethane Screen advantages:


1.Long life, large carrying capacity.Skeleton material for wire rope itself is very carrying capacity, coupled with the elastic properties of the polyurethane material to absorb impact, high wear resistance, high strength. Therefore, the mechanical properties is very good. Its carrying capacity is 2.5 times the rubber mesh. Life is 8-10 times the ordinary wire mesh. Now it is the most good wear-resistant screen surface material.
2.Screening efficiency is very high, high screening accuracy.Due to the special material properties of the polyurethane, so when it work,it is not easy clogging and the screening efficiency is very high. For polyurethane material in terms of its water permeability is very strong, sieve cone angle is higt to 140 degrees,it is possible to prevent the adhesion of moist fine in a certain extent. Vibrating polyurethane screen production process using a mold pouring molding process, accurate pore size, high quality screening so it's screening accuracy is very good.
3. Widely applications :Applicable to any type of vibrating screen andcan be produced according to the machine. Professional used in hydropower, building materials, and other industries. Not affect the screening efficiency for both wet and dry sieving.4 .low noise.According to the actual measurement, the same screening machine using  vibrating polyurethane screen can reduce the noise of 5-20 dB than the metal mesh, and dust is reduced greatly, so that the production site has a quiet and clean working environment.

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