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Cone Crusher Is the Optimized Choice for Crushing Stones

Cone Crusher Is the Optimized Choice for Crushing Stones





With the development of construction industry at home and abroad, the demand for building stones is increasing. And so it is with stone crusher equipment. Among them, the use and demand for cone crusher are multiplied, which promotes the cone crusher to be indispensable crusher equipment for crushing stones. Why the cone crusher can stand out of numerous crusher equipment and become sales champion of mining crusher equipment?

First, the cone crusher has large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, high yield, good product particle shape, reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and technology parameters, reliable operation and low running cost. Besides, all parts of the crusher have wear protection, which reduces maintenance cost to the minimum. Generally, the service life can be lengthened by more than 30%. In addition, the cone crusher adopts laminated crushing, its finished product shape is excellent and downtime is short. The thin oil lubrication is reliable, advanced, and improves the service life. The multiple kinds of crushing cavity meet the requirements of a wide range of product size. Coupled with simple maintenance, easy operation and so on characteristics, the cone crusher has incomparable advantages over other crushing equipment.

Second, Gomm cone crusher improved technology. The thin oil lubrication is reliable and advanced, which improves service life. The high performance non-contact labyrinth seal has no wear and improves the reliability of dust block. It fundamentally eliminate common faults of the cone crusher such as oil-water mixture.

Third, the cone crusher adopts laminating crushing. The finished product shape is excellent. The special crushing cavity designed with inter laminated principle and the matched rotation speed replace the traditional single grain crushing principle. That realizes selective crushing of material; significantly increases cube product content and fine material proportion; and largely reduces the needle flake material content.