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Cone Crusher Proves Powerful Strength with Production Efficiency

Cone Crusher Proves Powerful Strength with Production Efficiency





The market demand for mining machinery is higher and higher. Enterprises must introduce new technology; continuously develop wanted crusher equipment to meet market demand. The cone crusher gathers advantages of the ring hammer crusher and impact crusher. It not only satisfies the requirement of high efficiency but also meets standards of low energy consumption and energy saving. The cone crusher has set a good example among crusher equipment.
Cone crusher is efficient equipment to realize more crushing less grinding and to reduce production cost as well as improve production efficiency. It is widely used in  building materials, coal, metallurgy and other industries for fine crushing. Especially in the rapid development period of economy and infrastructure construction, cone crusher plays a very important role.

We need to pay attention to existing problems of the cone crusher to achieve better development. First, failure analysis and control are more effective in the actual production. In order to more actively predict the failure of the crusher, first we need to understand wear laws of wearing parts. According to fault analysis and knowledge accumulation, accurately find the failure causes and failure parts.

Second, it is the main goal of cone crusher manufacturers to overcome wear rate. Main wear parts of the cone crusher are wear-resisting clamp block, polishing head, wear plates and feeding sleeve, etc. The replacement frequency of those parts is relatively high and it will generate great influence on production. Currently wear reduction methods are easy: casting wear resistant materials on surface of wear parts, or adopting more wear resistant materials to replace the original wear parts, etc. But those methods just solve problems from the perspective of materials. The wear and tear is also closely related to the loading, structure, speed, medium and so on parameters. So it needs more research and attention from researchers.