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600-700 T Limestone Crushing Stone Line

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600-700 T Limestone Crushing Stone Line


Complete stone crushing line provided by GOMM (Global online mining machinery) can be widely used in hard limestone, granite, basalt, river gravel, metallurgical slag and a variety of materials in the aggregate and artificial sand aggregate operations, applied for water, building materials , highways, urban construction and other industry applications. Can also be used for production and processing highway surface material, highway road gravel, the high grade highway pavement macadam, the high-speed passenger dedicated railway gravel aggregate, sand and stone hydropower station,port and airport runway with crushed stone and other special construction field.

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Process Flow

Produce 600-700 tons of granite and basalt broken equipment, stone blasting from the mountains down through the dump truck will be less than 1020mm of stone into the vibrating feeder, vibrating feeder evenly into the stone jaw crusher, jaw crusher the first paragraph of broken stone, broken jaw broken stone around 150mm - 300mm, vibrating feeder materials into high efficiency hydraulic cone crusher for the second paragraph of broken, broken materials after vibrating screening screening, greater than 40mm of material to return to the cone crusher broken,40mm the following materials by conveyor belt into the shaping machine shaping. Shaping the finished product after Vibrating screening screening by belt conveyors to the finished product area.
(Note: When the feed is less than or equal to 320mm, the material directly into the cone crusher broken, not in front of the first paragraph of broken.)

Equipment List



Equipment Model Quantity
Vibrating Feeder GZD1500×6000 1set
Jaw Crusher PE-1200×1500 1set
Vibrating Feeder GZD1300×4900 2sets
Highly-efficient Hydraulic Cone Crusher HPC400 2sets
Circular Vibrating Screen 2YZS2460 2sets
Shaping Machine  5X1145 2sets
Circular Vibrating Screen 3YZS2160 4sets



1.Stone crushing plant with high degree of automation,the complete production plant expect the starting and stopping of the equipment and routine maintenance, the process is simple,almost no manual operation.Its high production efficiency, low operating cost, large output,high-yielding, finished stones uniform size, grain shape good, meet the requirements of the national high-speed using material.

2.The equipment configuration fo stone crushing plant is mainly based on customers on the stone specifications and yield and stone usage to determine, GOMM provide pre-sale, services during the sale and after-sales comprehensive services,based on customer production site to set the configuration process,and strive to provide customers the most reasonable ,the most economical production plant.
3.Crushing and screening equipment provided by GOMM in the design process, due to various crushing equipment reasonable matching, and the rigorous spatial cross layout, so it has a small occupation area,high investment cost,aggregates with good quality , powder output rate low and so on features, and equipped with advanced electronic control system to ensure that the entire process discharge smooth, reliable,easy to operate, energy efficient.
4. Solve the fatal problem which traditional processing equipment and technology produce finished aggregate grain shape and other unqualified , but also overcome the shortcomings which the traditional techniques and equipment processing hard rock performance equipment wear serious leads to high production costs.In addition, this production plant according to different construction stage of aggregate size requirements,flexible adjustment of finished aggregate size,and produce marketable products, joint use, greatly reducing the project investment.

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