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Three return Dryer

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Three return Dryer

Three return dryer,namely efficient combination dryer. Using the latest European energy saving technology--Mosaic structure.The inside of the dryer cylinder, the cylinder and the outer cylinder to form a self thermal insulation structure.Meanwhile drum outsourcing include insulation materials and stainless steel, to further reduce heat loss,and improve the thermal efficiency.Special thermal design ideas, elimination of wind tunnel heat loss, increase the heat exchange area and the unit of solvent evaporation strength, good energy saving effect. The equipment is used for drying yellow sand, slag, clay and other raw materials, widely used in building material, chemical industry, casting and glass industries etc, can adapt to the coal, oil, gas and many other fuel.

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Three return dryer model is divided into: 623,625,628 and 6210,.Three return trip dryer is the best selection equipment which used for river sand, sand and other difficult to bond materials,
As long as the hand pinch release can be naturally spread material,Can use three return dryer for drying.Three return trip dryer is the efficient dryer equipment which has three layer insulation effect and achieve with self-insulation structure.The main advantage is has better Heat retaining effect than conventional single cylinder dryer.The inside of the dryer cylinder, the cylinder and the outer cylinder to form a self thermal insulation structure,work more efficient, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Three return dryer Working principle:
Drying material (sand) to go through the feed hopper and filter disc feeder conveyor belt to expect, and then the sand was transported to the conveyor belt through quicksand stove pipe, sand and then through the tube into the quicksand to three return host cylinder. First, sand the first to reach three return trip the inner tube, mixing impeller and the inner cylinder fixed under the action of the blade forward spin sand was soon to move forward, to reach the other end of the three return, this is a return trip. Small inner tube feeding port, discharging port Large, conducive material forward.
Sand to reach the other end of the file back in the tube after the baffles at the discharge port side, the tube is slightly longer than the inner tube and baffle phase, the same blade to the roundabout under the action of the sand in the cylinder is screwed back into the feed mouth at one end, this is two return trip;

Material in the tube is the big mouth discharge end to small mouth the feeding end flows. Due to the feed ends of tube shorter than the outer cylinder, together with the outer cylinder to move under the action of rotary blades, three return sand into the outer cylinder and is moved forward, this is the third return trip;

In the discharge mouth, retreated in the tube plate and the outer cylinder with steel vertical mosaic, effectively making sand dispersion and discharge at the discharge port complete with dust and exhaust ports, so that moisture and dust can be discharged some and filtration, after three return trip fried turn drying, sand can achieve the moisture content of user needs, and finally through belt conveyor will transport the sand after drying to finished product silos.


Three return dryer features:
1.Equipment investment is 20% of imported products, the use of wear resistant manganese plate, wear 3-4 times more than ordinary steel.
2.The material initial moisture 15%, 0.5-1% final moisture to ensure the following is slag cement, dry mortar production line product of choice for a variety of drying works.
3.Than the traditional single-cylinder dryer to improve the thermal efficiency of over 40%.
4.Fuel suitable for anthracite, bituminous coal, coal, oil, gas. 20-40mm less can bake block material, pellets, powder materials.
5.single cylinder dryer than about 60% to reduce the footprint. About 60% reduction in construction investment, easy installation.
6.Seamless wind phenomenon, completely solve the sealing difficulties.
7. the material temperature of ≤ 60 °, can be directly into the database, without cooling shed into cooled.
8. The outer shell temperature ≤ 60 degrees, the exhaust gas temperature <120 degrees, dust removal equipment bag to use for a long time more than 2 times.
9.Coal is monocular dryer 1/3, saving 40%, tons of standard coal consumption <9 kg.


The installation and commissioning of the dryer:
1.The installation of the dryer should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the assembly drawing and foundation drawing regulate the construction, pre-installation of the dryer should parts adjuvant items will be inventory, wiping clean complete.  

2.Because The dryer is a long large-scale equipment should be installed and methods in this order:
<1> Program baseline:
On the basis of standard board made the correct crosshairs, elevation line, the center standard plate buried to reach and easy to use, accurate and to consider the installation of the base is not covered.
 <2> The installed base and tug:
Leveled horn position, draw the center line of the base, tug, in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, identify the installation location of the base and tug, positive tone flat, first base hole grouting, concrete reaches a certain intensity, tighten the anchor bolts, re-inspection, and then install the cylinder.
 <3>Install the cylinder and rolling ring
First roller ring mounted in the cylindrical body on a concave connector fixed to a positive anti-interleaved configuration, and adjusting the thickness of the horn, so that the roller ring with a concave connector, to maintain contact with the corresponding gap, Do not consistent, and spot welding the concave joint bolt head and the cylinder body.
<4> Install the large gear:
Pre-installation check the docking surface interface may not have traces of collision, the large gear in contact with the cylinder surface clean, then two and a half gear carefully and tighten the connector bolts, put the gear is mounted on the cylinder. Rotating cylinder, check gear runout and lateral swing, the tone of the school qualified.
<5> To install the pinion, speed reducer, motor:
According to the packed gear to adjust the pinion gear meshing parameters and reaches the equipment requirements, the fixed pinion gear, reducer electromechanical machine position.

 <6> Install the gear cover: Making it well-balanced with the distance from the edge of the gear.

 3.all the work was finished, the second filling, filling requests should be civil design the relevant provisions. Grouting installation review, commissioning work is carried out simultaneously, in order to ensure the quality of the installation of the dryer.


Three return dryer Technical parameters:

Model Productivity(m3/h) Drying moisture content Coal consumption (kg/t) sand Main motor power (kw)
HAS623 3m3/h <0.5% 7 3
HAS625 5m3/h <0.5% 10 5.5
HAS628 8m3/h <0.5% 12 7.5
HAS6210 10m3/h <0.5% 15 7.5
HBS6220 20m3/h <0.5% 20-25 11
HBS6230 30m3/h <0.5% 30-35 13
HBS6250 50m3/h <0.5% 40-50 18.5

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