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HPY multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

HPY multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher first picture
HPY multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher second picture
HPY multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher picture
HPY multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

HPY multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a high-energy laminated multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher which is optimized designed by our company based on absorbing foreign and domestic advanced technologies about hydraulic cone crushers. The machine has large crushing force, and it is suitable for medium and fine crushing of materials with above average hardness. It can not only improve yield, cut down operating costs, but also make maintenance and repair easy. In order to improve the strength of main shaft, will changes bottom single-cylinder to external multi-cylinder, which enlarges the space of improving the rack’s strength, making the rack strong enough.

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Features Technical parameters Project Cases Customer Stories

1.HPY series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher using rational combination of crushing part’s high pendulum frequency and large eccentric eccentricity (stroke). That makes the multi-cylinder cone crusher’s throughput greatly improved.The machine can work under condition of constant discharge opening, avoiding the change of discharge opening caused by single-cylinder axis fluctuating in production. It adopts high-energy lamination theory, in putting more energy, making material crushing not only happen between particles and the liner but also between particles and particles. Thus, the yield is improved, the abrasion of wearing parts is reduced, the particle shape more tends to be cubical, and the flakiness content is less.


2.HPY series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher the rack and spindle are elaborately casted and forged with high-strength alloy steel. So they are durable,and suitable for crushing materials with above average hardness.
3.Two-way iron release the hydraulic cylinder enables iron go through the crushing cavity. The hydraulic cavity cleaning journey is long and has nothing to do with the liner wear, reducing work load of clearing clogged materials in crushing cavity.
4.Hydraulic motor drives adjustment sleeve (fixed cone liner ), making it possible to accurately adjust discharge opening. The hydraulic motor also enables adjustment sleeve and fixed cone liner completely rotate out of the support sleeve, so as to facilitate the replacement of fixed cone liner and movable cone liner, which greatly simplifies the workload of liner replacement.
5.HPY series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher advanced liner fixed technology makes liner more reliable.The fixed cone liner forms self-locking depending on the joint work of the wedge and the spiral cant over the fixed cone liner. The movable cone liner is fastened by the self -locking bolts.
6.HPY series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher uses bronze sleeve, so it has greater load capacity in crushing environment of heavy vibration or many dust.
7. All parts can be disassembled  and maintenance from the top or side. The replacement of movable cone liner and fixed cone liner is convenient, without need to dismantle the rack and tighten bolts.





HPY multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher Working Principle:

The crushing process is completed between the moving cone liner of the fixed cone lining and eccentric motion. The horizontal axis of crushing machine is driven by motor through belt and pulley, which is driven by the eccentric sleeve rotation,


Eccentric drive moving cone part make moving cone part into a spin move pendulum movement(moving cone part set in the eccentric sleeve),thereby there will produce cyclical relative motion between eccentric swing of the moving cone lining plate and tapered lining plate,so that the material would be crushed in the crushing cavity constantly being squeezed and bent to be broken.The material would be broken into the crusher from the upper mouth of the feed.the material after crushed will be discharge from the bottom mouth of the discharge gate.


External multi-cylinder provides locking support sleeve part (with a fixed cone lining board),at the same time also play a protective role,


When encounter the crusher over the load,can lift the supporting sleeve,then the oil in oil circuit squeezed into the container can play protective role,when  after  the load recovery,The squeezed oil in storage will be back to the cylinder,restore the original state.When the crusher for some reason the crushing chamber block with a lot of material,can make use of external hydraulic cylinder lifting support sleeve part,making the material discharging crushing cavity.


The supporting sleeve and the adjusting sleeve connect through screw,the main role is to adjust the adjusting sleeve and adjust the discharge size.


The adjusting sleeve of adjustment is accomplished by a hydraulic motor,this adjustment is very labor-saving and quick.The supporting sleeve and the adjusting sleeve through the lock cylinder locking,and prevent the relative rotation in the crushing process.