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Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher first picture
Hammer Crusher picture
Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crushers provided  by GOMM are suitable for crushing brittle ore which compressive strength less than 150MPa, such as limestone, shale, gypsum, coal, muddy siltstone and limestone and clay mixture. Hammer crusher can crush the large ore into the the grinding granularity at a time, thereby replace the traditional two-stage crushing, to simplify the process, reduce production costs. This series hammer crusher which is dedicated crusher for cement production is suitable for crushing limestone (marl) and clay mixture, can also be used for crushing coal, mainly used in cement production crusher, large sand and gravel aggregate production projects.  

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Features and Benefits of  Hammer Crusher:


1. Change multi-stage crushing single segment, dedicate to resist harsh limestone wear conditions.

2. Hammer made by the new technologies, new processes, more wear-resistant, shock.

3. Using our unique patented technology "stone rock stone",crushing chamber transformation make the materials break by itself increased substantially , effectively reducing the hammer, grate plate wear load;

4. The rotor use WHM two-step super hard surface cladding technology, life increased more than 2 times than the conventional electrode wear surfacing;

5. Spindle use high strength artillery steel / vacuum double refining intensity surplus 4-5 times;

6 New grate slab optimization design, the material is smooth, fine grain size, uniformity, stability, and grate plate will be long life.


Hammer Crusher Working principle


Hammer crusher is mainly broken the material by the impact . When the material into the crusher, suffered the impact of the high-speed rotation of the hammer crusher, crushing the material,obtained kinetic energy from the hammer,from high speed toward the frame body baffle, screen bar, while the material collide with each other, have been repeatedly broken, less than the sieve of the gap of the material discharged from the gap, the larger will be collided again on the screen bars by hammer ,grinding , squeezing then can be crushed, the material is extruded by hammer from the gap, thereby obtaining the desired particle size products.

Model Rotor Working Wiameter Length (mm) Speed of Rotor(r/min) Size of Feed(mm) Output size(mm) Motor Power(KW) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg)
PC400×300 Φ400×300 1440 ≤100 ≤10 7.5 5-10 900
PC600×400 Φ600×400 960 ≤100 ≤15 18.5 10-20 1500
PC800×600 Φ800×600 970 ≤120 ≤15 45 18-24 2680
PC1000×800 Φ1000×800 990 ≤200 ≤15 110 30-50 5600
PC1000×1000 Φ1000×1000 990 ≤200 ≤15 132 30-60 8000
PC1200×1200 Φ1200×1200 750 ≤250 ≤20 180 90-110 19000